websites for photographersWebsites for photographers can be more than just helpful for the struggling photographer. These are sites that any photographer can go to for help when they want to learn how to do a new technique, or if they just want to know where to find a good camera.

However, as much as these sites can be helpful they can also be harmful if they aren’t handled well. Ultimately they will harm one person more than the t=rest: the blogger. If the blogger doesn’t take certain precautions, then their blog won’t have the desired outcome that had been expected.

  • No Clear Target Audience

An essential part of blogging and websites for photographers, or websites in general, is to have a type of audience in mind. Having a target audience gives you a better idea of what range you want to cover. Assuming your audience already knows something could be ambitious, but if your target audience is made up of people who already know certain things, then that is ideal.

Just the same, to assume the audience doesn’t k ow something and thus explaining it to them is also a way of having a target audience. If you want to teach people with your site, then it is best to assume that you have to explain the things that you are wanting to teach.

  • Scheduling Posts Too Ambitiously

You have to be aware of your schedule, and more than that, you need to be aware of your own limits within your schedule. If you try to post too many times within your own schedule, you could end up worn out and struggling to even write any posts.

You also need a standard schedule for posting, something that can keep you on track with your blog so that you can keep it up to date. Having something like alarms set or a written posting schedule could help you keep yourself accountable for when to post, so that you don’t end up falling behind or suddenly stopping all together.

  • Too Shy About Promotion

This is your business, so don’t be shy! You need to get your name out there, and you want to show people what you can do. Don’t worry about what anyone else might think about your self-promotion, it’s for your business. It is exactly the same as promoting for any other business, so don’t let it way you down at all in any way.

  • Not Using SEO

SEO is an essential tool for the blogger who wants to not only succeed, but thrive in their work. For a blogger to not use SEO is much like for a photographer to not use lights when taking a photo. Not much will be seen of either.

If any blogger tries to make their websites for photographers well known without the use of SEO or help from MyPhotoCTO, then their website probably won’t even be seen at all. This is because of the tier system that the internet follows when arranging websites.

There are many things that factor into this website sorting, but ultimately they all fall under Search Engine Optimization. This is why it is vital to your website and to your career as a photographer to utilize SEO to its maximum capacity.