The photo booth is the newest trend to be added to any kind of event. People just love to get free photography service to remember the day they spent some great time in a party. That photo booth may even become the source of their great time!

How can you start offering photo booth hire service that people will love?

Away from the old style

The old photo booth has crappy picture quality, restrained to a small, narrow box with few props. Sometimes, props aren’t prepared at all, so there’s only you and the box. You pose, take your pictures, and wait for them to be printed. But the results tend to be pretty small and hard to make out when there are too many people in it.

Let’s start from the booth. Who says that a photo booth has to be a small, narrow box? The idea of a photo booth is a still camera that will take pictures whenever needed in the same place. This means you can prepare the camera on top of a firm tripod and position it anywhere the clients want or you see fit.

This means the area doesn’t have to be cramped but can still be operated by the people themselves.

Decoration on the side

The camera will be standing there for quite some time, so it’d be a great idea to decorate it with a nice frame. From the tripod to the camera, if it looks fetching, it will add up to the atmosphere of the event. Frames can also be added to the location for the people to stand in.

Get someone to oversee

The clients shouldn’t be in charge of maintaining and observing the use of the photo booth hire. Instead, provide a butler to take care of it like This person should be informed of how the booth works and how to handle situations. He should also be a friendly guy that can help out people and encourage them to use the booth.

If you have someone to watch out, it will prevent any

Extend flexibility

With your butler, you can extend the flexibility of the booth’s opening time. Tell your clients that they can choose when to open and close the booth as long as it’s within the promised time range and length. There are several hours during the party that people won’t be coming out to take pictures and this will help the couple a lot.

Flexibility can also mean how clients can use the pictures printed. You can provide a guestbook for guests to leave some pictures in. You can also provide a butler that can help connect the pictures taken to a slideshow.

Improve camera quality

This is by far the most important factor in a photo booth. Setting yourself as the different, new wave of photo booth hire means you need to provide something better. Better in terms of picture quality is important because it’ll also mean it can be used to be posted online.

Encourage the use of connecting the pictures to the Internet or an online connection for the people to download the pictures. If you put a light watermark at the corner on every picture printed, you’ll be marketing your product without having to try hard!