There are things that wedding photographers should really learn to refrain from doing. Too many couples have become victims and there has to be someone to say it out loud. Wedding photographers Dorset will do well if they heed our warnings.

These top most important things to not be done for wedding photographers.

Wearing inappropriately

Some photographers have worked on the field for too long that it seems wearing formal is something they are too lazy to do. It’s a fact. Well, time to realize that couples have never seen you before and will expect that you wear formal to the party. There are just too many reasons to mention, but we’ll still do it.

Imagine if someone else is taking pictures that the party and spotted you in your orange shorts because it was in the middle of summer. You will be ruining your own image and not mention, some people really find appearance to matter a lot. You can’t go around the party in such an embarrassing getup.

Wear like you’re going to the party. Pay respect to the couples that are getting married and the elderly and try to show that you’re professional, not lousy and inappropriate.

Relying on editing

When you take pictures, take note to not rely on editing tools. You see that you’ve got too many shadows? Use reflectors. If the light is not spreading equally, use a flash diffuser. As much as possible, set your camera to capture the moment as close to what you’re seeing as possible. That’s how wedding photographers Dorset from work.

Editing tool is supposed to fix what can’t be changed. For example, someone appears at the back of a picture taken in a beach. Clean that up with the tools, so it’ll appear cleaner. Your clients are also hiring you for your skills as a photographer, not an editor.

Don’t be haughty

This shows up when you think that you’re good enough that you don’t need to ask questions or attend their wedding rehearsal. You become reluctant to do consultations with your clients because you think you handle everything. Never do that.

Every wedding party is important and there will never be a ‘training’ session. You’re expected to do it perfectly when on the day and your only chances to perform better is to attend rehearsals and talk to the clients as much as possible. These are what helped you become a professional and should be maintained so no matter how long you’ve worked as a wedding photographer.

Changing memory cards

The memory card is a very sensitive component, or at least that’s what people with zero knowledge about it think. Memory cards can get corrupted if one doesn’t know how to handle it and keep it healthy. One way to keep memory cards healthy is to refrain from changing the location of where you plug the memory cards at.

Most cameras will create its own writing path and if you plug it into a different model, or worse, a different brand, it will screw with it. It might just choose to corrupt everything you took when you want to read the content.

These are important Don’ts that wedding photographers Dorset should refrain from doing as they’ll deal permanent damage to you and your client.