Aim to tell a story in the pictures that you are able to take during the documentary wedding photography shoot.

wedding photography tipsGo for things that are able to more or less able to reveal something that will pique your interest somewhere in the background. The secret to pulling off something like this is all in the composition when it all comes down to it. You will need to make sure that it is something that you are able to learn one way or the other. Learn how to play around with the concept of layers during the composition. Make use of the added benefits of special effects as well as the use of all of the best lenses and angles that you will be able to get your hands on during the wedding photography shoot. You will only be able to give a “documentary” kind of feel to it if you get to bring in some kind of sophistication and depth to the pictures that you are able to take. There is no one right way of doing this and it can always turn out to be different for everyone so try to find your own style and try to go ahead and develop your own technique in the process. It may not be the easiest task to check out when it all comes down to it but it certainly is something that will really get to pay off in the end the moment that the documentary wedding photography shoot is all over.

Work on being able to capture the details during the documentary wedding photography shoot.

The details are the most interesting and the most exciting parts of the wedding photography shoot. You need to train yourself how to constantly observe the little details that come along the way as much as possible. You should try to see things from both a bigger picture and from a more close up angle as well. Don’t ignore anything or don’t brush anything off as something that is not that important for the wedding photography shoot or as something that will not really amount to much in the pictures that you are trying to capture during the entire process. All it sometimes requires is that you take a look at things differently and from a different perspective and you will constantly be surprised at how things will pan out for you and for what you are planning to accomplish.

A documentary wedding photography shoot mostly lives “in the moment”.

It means that the ideas are pretty much free flowing which definitely gives you a lot of room to be creative and a lot of opportunities to capture the unexpected. Try to trust your gut instincts and just let your creativity flow. Don’t overthink anything too much because when it all comes down to it, there is no such thing as a sequence when it comes to detailed shots. Just try to go ahead and absorb the moments as they go by and photograph the things that stand out for you because they will be the perfect glue to bring your wedding photography album together.