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Selling the Rights to Your Images in for Baby Photography

baby photographySelling images online is a very profitable endeavour for photographers, in addition to their usual other ways of generating income. Digital sales in particular offer a quick and practical way to gain some extra profit, but there are a few things to consider while making that jump.

Digital sales involve understanding how to sell the rights to your photography from baby photography and how to license it without losing profit. This involves being aware of the different types of licensing and what they include. Here’s a look at some of the various types of licenses you will be dealing with when selling images:

Royalty Free

A commonly misunderstood term, this covers the permission of someone using an image for a continued period without having to pay for it past the initial purchase of the license. Royalty free terms and conditions can vary, so make sure to specify exactly what is entailed in this purchase, especially how often the image can be reproduced, in what sizes it can printed, and if it can be edited.

Rights managed

This license usually covers one client using and owning the image(s) for a specific amount of time. It can include further restrictions, such as particular criteria on how to deal with the image and the length of time that the license covers, as well as the amount of participants that can use the image without requiring the purchase of another license.

Creative Commons

Creative Commons licenses vary in number, but the unifying factor is that they allow your images to reach the most viewers without restricting access. These licenses give you many options to play around with, and you can apply whichever one best suits you to your own images. The most known license that can be used for baby photography under this heading is the popular ‘Public Domain’ one, which usually gives unrestricted access, but there are some other types:

‘Non-Commercial, No Derivatives:’ sharing but no commercial use.

‘Non-Commercial, Share Alike:’ credited altering.

‘No Derivatives:’ no changes.

‘Share Alike:’ edits allowed, derived images carry the same license.

Non-Commercial Rights:

A rather abstract license, this allows the circulation of images as long as there is absolutely no commercial use made out of them. This can be a bit of a grey area, so when licensing your images make sure that you are very much aware of where your images will be used and in what way. For example, a charity can use the images to advertise an event, but not as part of a money-making fundraiser.

Serial Rights

This license is specific to dealing with serial items, such as magazines and newspapers. It grants exclusivity to a particular serial and only they can use that image. It also means that you as the photographer can’t use the image with anyone else either, so make sure that you know what is involved before licensing.

Selling the rights to your images can seem like a huge challenge, but an awareness of different types of licenses can uses will help make the journey an easy one. It will also ensure that you make an added profit from your work with the added bonus of reaching more viewers.

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How To Prep Your Baby For The Photo Shoot

Feed and burp.

baby photographyIt sounds so simple and it sounds like every bit a requirement but it is still so surprising how some parents can forget this. The results can be disastrous. Imagine getting the baby to pose for various poses and the like in the baby photography shoot and he suddenly ends up spewing milk all over the place. Just make sure that the baby burps after feeding him with milk so that he doesn’t cover the photographer and his camera in vomit.

A nice sponge bath.

Babies, especially those who are newborns, don’t have the best skins so far. They usually shed a lot and skin because they grow a lot. A gentle sponge bath will allow you to slough off all that dead skin without being too rough on the baby so far. More than that, it will make the baby feel fresh and clean and definitely less grumpy by the time that he gets to the baby photography shoot so far.

A few heirlooms and props. In order for you to make the baby photos come out looking a little more unique than the usual and not the same old run of the mill stuff you happen to see online, you need to personalize things a little more at some point or so. Perhaps it would be interesting for you to bring along that special onesie that grandma lovingly made by hand as a gift? Perhaps include a locket that happens to be a family heirloom at the same time? There are so many bits and bobs that you can incorporate in the photo shoot that you are setting out for in order for you to have everything set up the right way at the end of the day.


They tend to happen all of the time but even then, you need to understand the fact that this is the type of thing that turns out to be perfectly normal and you shouldn’t feel embarrassed about this or anything like that at all. You just need to know for sure that the moment that you set foot in the baby photography shoot, that you will be able to come in prepared at the end of the day. Bring along a nice set of wet wipes, tissues, perhaps even some powder and extra clothes and diapers. It might work out better for you if you bring along some extra clothes of your own at some point or so. You will never really know what is going to happen so always be ready for the worst when it all comes down to it. Do something about this in the nick of time and you are bound to save time as well as frustration when it comes to avoiding the possibility of stretching the photo shoot out far longer than it normally will if you weren’t on top of things. Get things taken care of early on and you will have a much easier time with your baby photography shoot so far.

Professional Baby Photography – Tips On Getting It Right Each Time

If there are two things you need to have at the back of your mind when delving into professional baby photography, they are

  • Baby photography should not be intimidating
  • It should also not be expensive

Having to operate on a budget is something most professional photographers have to get used to in order to avoid making a loss on business activities. When the right amount of preparation alongside the standard equipment is combines together, the result is timeless images for clients.

It can be said that for professional baby photography, nothing is as important as adequate preparation as this can make or break a shoot. Anything and everything that will be used or needed during the course of the photo shoot has to be readied ahead of time so as to avoid having to disrupt the photo shoot to look for it. You also have to note that babies are not the most amenable beings so getting them to do as you wish or give the pose you want is not going to be easy so you need to be smart and know how to take advantage of varying moments that can occur on the spur.

Get baby ready.

Another thing you need to take note of when it comes to professional baby photography is having the baby ready for photos. Activities such as burping, feeding, changing of the nappy, getting ready the set of clothes, taking a nap etc. have to be done prior to the shoot as the only way you can achieve the best results possible is when you are dealing with a properly rested and well fed baby. If you are going to make use of props, you need to make sure that no damage can be caused to the child from the use of these props also, make sure that the props are not in your way as having your background cluttered is unappealing.

Remove distractions.

Most photographers tend to use colorful items and toys to attract the attention of the baby and unless you have such items lying around for that purpose, you have to pack them away lest they prove a distraction for the baby. Ensure that the colored items are not too overwhelming when you take the baby photographs as the subject of the pictures is the baby not the toys. Nothing should serve as a distraction when shooting as your finger has to be trigger ready at all times due to the unpredictable nature of babies.

In baby photography although the subject is the baby, do not expect to capture several shots of the baby looking at the camera unless you are able to devise a means to get their attention focused on you. The best thing to do would be to work the attention span of the baby to your advantage. Due to the fact that the baby is always distracted, you are likely to need help from the parents or an assistant to get the baby’s attention on you but be careful to not allow the person interrupt the background of the shoot.

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Finding The Perfect Baby Photographer

baby photographerYou might think that finding the perfect baby photographer in Oxfordshire would be the end of your journey in ensuring that you get to set up the best baby photo shoot for your little one but there is actually so much more to baby photography than you would initially expect and this is the type of thing that you need to really go ahead and make arrangements for as much as you possibly can. One thing that you need to keep in mind is that the process of finding the right baby photographer for you and for all of your needs will only turn out to be the first part of the journey.

You need to understand that at some point or so, you will have to work out the rest of the other details in the baby photo shoot that you are planning to bring together and understanding how to work with your baby photographer the right way is the key to your success when you are trying to more or less pull something like this off at the end of the day.

Understand the fact that you are not the only client in their list.

They will probably have tons and tons listed and booked already so don’t get frustrated if you don’t get a booking right away. It would actually be wise if you schedule things way ahead of time. Even if the baby is still in the womb, it wouldn’t hurt if you do a pencil booking. However, the most strategic way of tackling this is for you to set things up roughly around 3 days or so after giving birth. This might be a little bit more difficult than it actually sounds. After all, giving birth can be crazy and just mentally and physically taxing and you need to prepare for it. set up constant reminders in your phone and have the baby photographer check up on you to confirm the booking as well. Documenting those first few babyhood days is really quite precious and something that you should go ahead and prioritize as much as you possibly can when it all comes down to it.

The best time to schedule the baby photo shoot in is during the first 2 weeks.

During this particular point in time, the baby is still under the impression that he is still within the womb. He will spend most of his time sleeping or feeding or do a little bit of both and this can work out extremely well for you and for the baby photographer that you managed to hire. If you are a bit out of options and you are planning to at some point or so look up the best baby photographers in the Oxfordshire area, the best place to start would have to be at http://www.studiobambino.co.uk. This website will give you everything you need to know about baby photography and will give you the top baby photographers in the industry as well so look them up.