newborn baby photographyWe are really excited to know that you are waiting for a new family member! Now, it’s time to prepare yourself and plan what you want to do in the future. And there’s one thing that we really want to suggest, which is to book for a newborn baby photography session!

This is a great moment to get some pictures taken. Reasons are because there are too many parents we’ve seen regretted their choice to not have planned it in advance. They missed the moment, which lasted only a few days to two weeks at most. And these are precious moments because the baby is very quiet and sleeps most of the time.

Best time to look

Pregnancy comes with a lot of symptoms. Some of you might have it really bad during the first months or maybe even now! This makes doing anything hard and you just feel so uncomfortable currently with your decreasing appetite and getting nauseous every time you want to eat. But after that, during the 5th month or second trimester, everything gets better.

This is the best time to move around and start looking for a newborn photographer. You will be able to move around freely and is less uncomfortable.

Look at portfolios

When you find newborn photography sites, be sure to check out their portfolios on newborn babies. It’s important that you find these pictures cute, adorable and you feel like keeping them. Or maybe you just don’t like them. And we want to tell you that the best place to start looking for a professional newborn baby photography service is Julia & Mia.

We find most people feeling happy when they see the baby pictures. And they just end up booking with her without wanting to look at anyone else anymore!


Know what will happen during the session. Your photographer should tell you what props are used, who is involved and if the set is safe and comfortable for the baby. You might not be so sure of what exactly could happen in there, so let us brief you.

The room has to be clean and comfortably warm for the baby because it’s mostly a naked session. The props have to be clean and blankets should be washed beforehand. You can check the smell of the blanket before proceeding; anything for the fragile little baby!

Look at the props, are the use of the dangerous? Will the baby be placed in a dangerous position? You, as parents, have all the right to ask for a change. If you have props that you want to be featured, you can bring it to your photographer and ask if that can be used. Let your photographer think and don’t force him if he doesn’t think it’s a good idea for safety purposes!

Enjoy it

It’s very important that parents enjoy the newborn baby photography session! You might be tired, stressed out, but this is the time to have fun with your baby. If there are poses you want to see, ask your photographer on the spot! It’s all right to do so. If you feel like just sit back and relax, do so, your photographer will take care of everything for you!