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Lighting Tips for Natural Wedding Photography

natural wedding photographyLighting in a natural wedding photography is a make or break element that could either boost the beauty and quality of the photoshoot itself or ruin it completely. Proper lighting could put the bried and groom in the spotlight showing off their romantic interactions. Meanwhile, poorly managed lighting will make the focus of the photoshoot unclear.

Unfortunately for a wedding photographer, a wedding could be held practically anywhere. Nowadays, a wedding is not always held in wedding halls or other indoor locations, in which he could manage his lighting more efficiently, but also outdoors as well, such as parks, woods, and even underwater. This forces him to think out of the box to make use of the external lights and turn them into his own favor.

Tips for natural wedding photography lighting

So there are basically two types of lighting in photography; natural and artificial. Natural lights mean lights that come from natural sources, such as the sunlight and moonlight. Meanwhile, artificial lights mean lights that come from human-made tools, like LED light, flashlight, and others. In this article, we will focus on the use of natural lights in a wedding photography.

There are at least five tips on managing lights in a natural wedding photography. Those tips would be as follow:

  • Use backlighting

This technique is very effective in capturing the perfect lighting for the photography. One option to do this would be to position the subject in front of a darker background to create the contrast, so that it could be properly exposed.

  • Use sidelighting

Just like backlighting, this technique would create a great exposure for natural wedding photography. You could use a bit spark of the sunlight, but be careful as too much light would give a dark and shadowy figure.

  • Put the subject by the window

This could be a great technique if used properly. The principle is just like sidelighting, only you need to be extra careful not to let any structure of the window gets in the way. It’s not funny to see the shape of window puts shadows on the subject’s face, right?

  • Bring a reflector

This is another great technique to make use of the sunlight to create even more light in the scene. A reclector would bounce any light that comes to it back so that it creates extra lighting towards the subject. This technique could create more focus on the main subject and put it in contrast to its background.

  • Avoid using too much flash

it’s a natural photography after all. You should try to balance the light that comes from your flash and the light that comes naturally. You could play with the shutter speed to create the interaction between the subject and its background that you want.

Those are the five tips on how to induce proper lighting to your natural wedding photography. You could learn more about how to use lighting for your photography from Precious Red Photography’s portfolio, as the studio always does magnificently when it comes to light management.

Different Forms of Advertising for Adelaide Wedding Photographers

Adelaide wedding photographersIn photography, you cannot rely on love to fetch you customers. Your business might end up going under. That is why, it is advisable that all Adelaide Wedding Photographers take a Business on Marketing Course to help them gain a better understanding in ways they can improve the chances of the success of their businesses.

For this article, we will be covering the issue of advertising for a wedding photographer.

As a photographer, one thing you need to make sure of is that you are constantly visible to the general public. Visibility is the only thing that can assure that individuals are aware of your existence and it also increases the likelihood of your services being patronized. This is where advertising comes in.

Advertising is all about bringing something to the attention of the general public. In the case of wedding photography, it is about ensuring that you are more popular than your closet rival. Advertising can make or break a business especially if it is not done the right way.

Below, we have listed out some of the ways you can improve your visibility in your niche:

  • Social Media

This is the digital age. Facebook has the largest population in the world of over 2 billion people surpassing China’s 1 billion. With a large market place such as Facebook, there are no excuses why your services are not being advertised on social media.

Apart from Facebook, there are also other social media platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube etc. These platforms have a lot of visitors in a single day and if your services are made known to these visitors, you help improve the visibility of your brand to the outside world. There is also the fact that these platforms have different types of advertising options which you can take advantage of.

  • Website

For Adelaide Wedding Photographers, it is important that you own a website that not only has your portfolio on it but also your contact information. Owning a website helps you rank on Google Search Engines. Google is one of the most popular search engines with over 1000 queries being typed per second

When a query is made on the engine for wedding photographers in Adelaide, you want to ensure that you are part of the top rankings. However, you might need the help of an expert SEO engineer .

  • Word of Mouth

In word of mouth, we have two people involved:

  • Family and Friends: your family members and friends are people you interact with in a regular therefore, you should make them your allies. You cannot own a business yet fail to get them to help you with a little bit of advertising. Most times, family members and friends are your first clients and your customer base spins off from them as they recommend you to other people they know.
  • Clients: previous clients who have worked with you and are satisfied by your services should also become your advertisers. But, this will only be possible if you delivered a service worth remembering.

There are other forms of advertising available for Adelaide wedding photographers which makes you of but were not covered above.

Customer Service Qualities a Wedding Photographer Andover Should Have

wedding photographer AndoverPhotography, like every other profession or business involves meeting clients almost on daily basis and the tendency to keep getting more clients solely rests on 95% of how the previous ones were treated in terms of customer service. As a wedding photographer Andover, one thing you should understand is that customers make your photography business possible, that’s why it’s very important to take the aspect of rendering good customer services very seriously.

In this article, I have prepared some number of good customer services qualities a wedding photographer ought to have to be on very high rankings. The qualities include:

  • Have the Mentality that the Customer is the Boss

Like I earlier said, without the customer, your photography business wouldn’t be possible, this is because it is the customer that pays your salary. It’s trite to note that for the next two to six weeks you’d be working with a customer, he or she is your boss until the contract is over.

  • Be a very Good Listener

Listening is a very vital skill every wedding photographer should have. It’s very necessary to always listen very attentively to clients during meetings to fully understand what a client wants. Never get carried away whenever a client is giving instruction so you don’t make a mistake while carrying out your work. Clients’ attitude differs when it comes to mistakes, some clients get very disappointed and may freak out while some clients may understand that mistakes can be inevitable and may work with you to correcting the mistakes in the best possible ways. It’s very important to create the habit of paying attention to avoid mistakes

  • Learn to Apologize

Saying “I am sorry” when things go wrong isn’t difficult at all and most clients like it when you apologize. Yes, sometimes a customer might be wrong but when it comes to business, a customer is always right. Never waste time to apologize to a client when something goes wrong because when you are an unapologetic wedding photographer Andover, clients finds it to mean arrogance and you cold loose some potential clients.

  • Identify Needs and solve them

Clients go for people or services that focuses on giving solutions and not just services. Be an expert in providing solutions to whatever need your client might be seeking.

  • Take out time in Making Clients’ Understand your Work

During the course of your work, build a close communication with your client. Carry the along together because when a client is lost at a point, it can be very annoying to them and this may not be very good for your photography brand.

  • Provide Unique Services that are not Found Anywhere Else

This is another major important customer service quality that every wedding photographer should know. Render unique services that other photographers do not give. Services such as bonuses and other services as this attracts more customers

  • Make your Customers Feel Appreciated

Before starting new photography projects with a client, always put up the attitude to show that customer that he/she is appreciated. This creates a very peaceful and favourable atmosphere for your photography work.

Are you in Andover and looking for the perfect wedding photographer Andover with top notch customer service quality? is the place to get such amazing services.

Time Management with Your Wedding Photographers South Wales

wedding photographers South WalesHow does one manage his wedding photographer’s time? This is an important subject because many couples are not experienced and often miscalculate the amount of time their photographer might spend on certain parts. To make sure that you don’t go over your budget with your wedding photographers South Wales, check this out.

Ask the photographer

Instead of making your own schedule for your wedding photographer, make a discussion about it. Have the photographer informed about your itinerary of the day and ask him to reply you as soon as he’s finished reading it. Make sure the photographer agrees with the timeline that you have made, just to make sure that he is able to make do for everything within the time allocated.

Group photography

This is the biggest pit hole in many wedding photography. Couples often don’t think that group photography is going to take that much time as it’s just about gathering a lot of people in one spot to have a few pictures taken. But, my oh my, many end up paying for extra hours because of this while others choose to forgo some pictures due to the lack of time.

We are pretty sure you don’t want to end up as either of the choices, so note this: taking pictures of a group of people in a wedding, always takes more time than it normally would have in other circumstances. Your guests will be busy greeting each other, congratulating you, throw jokes on each other and end it with a few seconds of laughing out loud.

Your photographer has no choice but to wait while you quick finish greeting them all.

Getting an usher will help a lot. Wedding photographers South Wales like Kate Adams Photography are often saved by having an usher who directs the guests to their position and gets over the photo shoot session quickly.

Get more than one photographer

This is especially good if your wedding is one big party with a lot of people invited. Your solo wedding photographer might be overwhelmed with the size and end up missing a lot of things. Consult about it with your photographer to make sure that he knows what he’s responsible for. If he doesn’t think it’s a good idea, hire multiple wedding photographers South Wales will save you more pain.

Multiple photographers also make it possible for the lead to focus on your group photography, for example, while your assistant proceeds to take pictures during it. No time wasted and no need to pressure your guests!

Proper planning

It’s very important that you have everything planned out properly with your photographer. Pick a time to just sit and chat with your photographer on the details of your wedding photography. After sending them the itinerary, make sure you get a feedback on if it’s good or if your photographer needs some changes made.

After all, sides agree with the schedule and proper planning and anticipations made, you are good to go. No need to expect overtime from your photographer and extra budget won’t have to be spent on this.

Things You Need to Know About Natural Wedding Photography

natural wedding photographyYour wedding day is going to be a very busy period of your life. Even if you have people organizing your wedding and everything is taken care of, you cannot help but get tensed, and there will be many demands on that day when it comes to taking pictures. Every guest you will have are going to expect to be part of your wedding album, and the pressure it takes to make sure that everyone is being photographed beautifully will take a toll.

Indeed, posing for pictures can be quite exhausting, and it will be great for an hour or so, but posing for the whole day will be very demanding, and the time posing will definitely take some excitement off your spirit. Your best option is to have a natural wedding photography, to make your day seamless.

What are the important things about natural photography?

Photography is a work of art, it is about turning special moments into magical photographs to be treasured forever. In your wedding day, you can opt to have a priceless wedding photography that is spontaneous, creative, and perfectly conveys candid emotions. Though you will definitely have posed photographs for your portrait and main wedding album theme, the main focus of your wedding day are natural photographs taken by a high quality wedding photographer. With natural wedding photography, you will have photos that captured bare emotion from everyone. Indeed, it is in not knowing that you are being photographed that you will be perfect for breathtakingly beautiful photos that will be cherished by you, and for the next generations to come.

Orchestrated settings look natural

Sometimes, natural photographs need orchestration from the wedding photographer. You may be asked to walk in the garden or lean on a tree or sit in the bench, but what you do there and how you act is all up to you. A great natural wedding photography takes expertise and patience to create. To capture moments that even though coordinated, still look natural is a gift. You need to get the top wedding photographer to seize your special moments, and you will have beautiful natural photographs to look at in the years and decades to come.

Out of your way

A professional wedding photographer can take natural photos without being in your way. The key is to meet with your photographer prior to the wedding and get to know each other. You can tell your wedding photographer what you want, the highlights of your wedding, the important people you want to be captured in photos, and the areas where you want to focus on. Once your photographer knows you well enough, your wedding photographs will be taken as naturally as possible, with the wedding photographer blending in with the crowd. It is vital for a photographer to know where to be, and Precious Red Photography definitely knows where to be at in a wedding to capture the essence of emotion, just standing in the background, clicking the camera and creating magical natural wedding photography that conveys pure burst of laughter and happiness from all of you.

How Wedding Photographers Manage Professionally

Lincolnshire wedding photographerWe know that a lot of people want to know more than just becoming a Lincolnshire wedding photographer. They also want to become a photographer that is known professionally. To do that, though, we sometimes don’t know where we made mistakes at or which part we could have improved!

Let us talk about what to do to become a professional photographer!

Giving yourself a discipline

How many wedding jobs do you take each year? It’s true that practice makes perfect and the more you work on, the more you learn. It also means you have rather more experience compared to others. However, have you ever thought about how that will possibly affect your performance directly? The more you have on your plate, the less you are able to focus on each one of them.

Yet, the job demands that you are able to give your all to each client because they won’t come back, but will spread the word about you. The content will depend largely on how you performed! There’s also the fact that the wedding pictures can be very affected by how much you know about your clients. The closer you are, the more you will understand about them. It will then affect how you work and take those pictures.

Avoiding small mistakes

We all make mistakes some time in our life. Many of those mistakes are small and most of the time, people let them slip. We just remind ourselves not to do it again and that’s it. But what about the mistakes that you don’t know? Those things can be annoying and may possibly be what has been bothering your clients so far.

A professional Lincolnshire wedding photographer from gave us a little insight. It’s important for a professional to dress like one when attending the party. You are not there to be a guest, but you will be mingling with the guest a lot. There is no need to announce your existence as a wedding photographer by wearing casual or anything inappropriate there.

It’s true that people will understand, but the distractions will definitely make it hard to capture decent pictures. Your clients also won’t feel that you are respecting their occasion and invitation. So, always make sure that you are at least wearing semi-formal, depending on the tone of the party. Have several formal clothes prepared, so you don’t have to rush to the laundry every time you got a job.

Understanding customers

This is not the least, nor is it the last. Your customers are important people and they are part of the work. You don’t just work as their Lincolnshire wedding photographer; you have to become someone who understands them. Why? Those pictures that you take are pictures that your clients will be keeping for the rest of their life and there’s more.

If they are disappointed in it, the backlash can be huge. But if they are happy with it, they can be the people who will help you see the pictures the way they want, even when you are not so clear about it!

The Photo Booth People Love

The photo booth is the newest trend to be added to any kind of event. People just love to get free photography service to remember the day they spent some great time in a party. That photo booth may even become the source of their great time!

How can you start offering photo booth hire service that people will love?

Away from the old style

The old photo booth has crappy picture quality, restrained to a small, narrow box with few props. Sometimes, props aren’t prepared at all, so there’s only you and the box. You pose, take your pictures, and wait for them to be printed. But the results tend to be pretty small and hard to make out when there are too many people in it.

Let’s start from the booth. Who says that a photo booth has to be a small, narrow box? The idea of a photo booth is a still camera that will take pictures whenever needed in the same place. This means you can prepare the camera on top of a firm tripod and position it anywhere the clients want or you see fit.

This means the area doesn’t have to be cramped but can still be operated by the people themselves.

Decoration on the side

The camera will be standing there for quite some time, so it’d be a great idea to decorate it with a nice frame. From the tripod to the camera, if it looks fetching, it will add up to the atmosphere of the event. Frames can also be added to the location for the people to stand in.

Get someone to oversee

The clients shouldn’t be in charge of maintaining and observing the use of the photo booth hire. Instead, provide a butler to take care of it like This person should be informed of how the booth works and how to handle situations. He should also be a friendly guy that can help out people and encourage them to use the booth.

If you have someone to watch out, it will prevent any

Extend flexibility

With your butler, you can extend the flexibility of the booth’s opening time. Tell your clients that they can choose when to open and close the booth as long as it’s within the promised time range and length. There are several hours during the party that people won’t be coming out to take pictures and this will help the couple a lot.

Flexibility can also mean how clients can use the pictures printed. You can provide a guestbook for guests to leave some pictures in. You can also provide a butler that can help connect the pictures taken to a slideshow.

Improve camera quality

This is by far the most important factor in a photo booth. Setting yourself as the different, new wave of photo booth hire means you need to provide something better. Better in terms of picture quality is important because it’ll also mean it can be used to be posted online.

Encourage the use of connecting the pictures to the Internet or an online connection for the people to download the pictures. If you put a light watermark at the corner on every picture printed, you’ll be marketing your product without having to try hard!

The Don’ts Wedding Photographers Must Know

There are things that wedding photographers should really learn to refrain from doing. Too many couples have become victims and there has to be someone to say it out loud. Wedding photographers Dorset will do well if they heed our warnings.

These top most important things to not be done for wedding photographers.

Wearing inappropriately

Some photographers have worked on the field for too long that it seems wearing formal is something they are too lazy to do. It’s a fact. Well, time to realize that couples have never seen you before and will expect that you wear formal to the party. There are just too many reasons to mention, but we’ll still do it.

Imagine if someone else is taking pictures that the party and spotted you in your orange shorts because it was in the middle of summer. You will be ruining your own image and not mention, some people really find appearance to matter a lot. You can’t go around the party in such an embarrassing getup.

Wear like you’re going to the party. Pay respect to the couples that are getting married and the elderly and try to show that you’re professional, not lousy and inappropriate.

Relying on editing

When you take pictures, take note to not rely on editing tools. You see that you’ve got too many shadows? Use reflectors. If the light is not spreading equally, use a flash diffuser. As much as possible, set your camera to capture the moment as close to what you’re seeing as possible. That’s how wedding photographers Dorset from work.

Editing tool is supposed to fix what can’t be changed. For example, someone appears at the back of a picture taken in a beach. Clean that up with the tools, so it’ll appear cleaner. Your clients are also hiring you for your skills as a photographer, not an editor.

Don’t be haughty

This shows up when you think that you’re good enough that you don’t need to ask questions or attend their wedding rehearsal. You become reluctant to do consultations with your clients because you think you handle everything. Never do that.

Every wedding party is important and there will never be a ‘training’ session. You’re expected to do it perfectly when on the day and your only chances to perform better is to attend rehearsals and talk to the clients as much as possible. These are what helped you become a professional and should be maintained so no matter how long you’ve worked as a wedding photographer.

Changing memory cards

The memory card is a very sensitive component, or at least that’s what people with zero knowledge about it think. Memory cards can get corrupted if one doesn’t know how to handle it and keep it healthy. One way to keep memory cards healthy is to refrain from changing the location of where you plug the memory cards at.

Most cameras will create its own writing path and if you plug it into a different model, or worse, a different brand, it will screw with it. It might just choose to corrupt everything you took when you want to read the content.

These are important Don’ts that wedding photographers Dorset should refrain from doing as they’ll deal permanent damage to you and your client.

Why Not to Leave Hiring a Gay Wedding Photographer to the Last Minute

A lot of things come together to make a wedding event a joyous and successful occasion. But, the key to it all is adequate planning. Without efficient planning, even the most expensive wedding can turn out to be a disaster. That is why we advise that enough planning time be set aside before organizing a wedding.

For the bride and groom, there has to be a checklist of things but one thing to not forget to include in the check list is the gay wedding photographer. A wedding with a photographer to capture the moments will just be another event easily forgotten in the hands of time if there is no supporting of its evidence. Hence, hiring a photographer should be the number one priority alongside picking a wedding dress.

Now, I know the question you will be asking is why so much importance on hiring the wedding photographer early? Read further below:


Wedding photographers work based on schedules and appointments. If you fail to book the gay wedding photographer as early as 1 or 2 months before your wedding, then you will be cutting it close to have them available on your wedding day. For some photographers, the 2 months deadline is also too little of a warning as weddings are also booked up to 6 months before the actual date. The earlier you approach the wedding photographer, the better for you.

Wedding season

The wedding season is normally between late spring to early fall. It is a period which most couples set aside a certain date for their wedding. There is normally a host of weddings during period and as such bookings for flowers, venues and photographers are usually high. If you fail to book a wedding photographer before this period, then your chances of getting a good one will be very slim. It is advisable to book a photographer before this rush period.

Quality of pictures

Late bookings of the wedding photographer mean that you may have to settle for someone you do not want. Perhaps a family friend, a newbie from the local photography school etc. In turn, you should not expect the pictures you get from these individuals to be akin to those produced by a professional. To avoid this, make sure that you have already gone through the process of researching and hiring a good wedding photographer.

Going by the above-mentioned items to bear in mind about late hiring, it also pays to ensure that even if you are not engaged or having laid down wedding plans, you already have research done on the type of person you want to be your gay wedding photographer. It can be someone like .

Once you already know who you want as your wedding photographer, you can always keep an eye out and also reach out for updates on availability. So, as soon as the day for planning the wedding comes, you can immediately reach out to them. It also pays to have backups in mind to prevent any unwarranted situations.

Wedding Photographer Belfast: Tips for Gorgeous Wedding Pictures

It’s true, there are some worthy tips that you should not missed to get that gorgeous shot, especially if this is your first time working as a wedding photographer Belfast! While a lot of it depends on how you act on the spot, there’s also the fact that what you do to prepare it matters.

For clients and photographers alike, this is your chance to get a gorgeous shot and know if your photographer is capable to take one.

Know you clients’ preference

What’s beautiful for one may not look the same for others. Our perspectives on beauty can be different, although research has shown that to a certain level, human beings have similarities in deciding what is beautiful in our eyes.

Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. And your job is to find out more about that beholder. What does your client love about the wedding and the person they are getting married to? During the consultation, spend more time listening that speaking. Whenever they have things that they really want to tell you about the wedding, listen and give feedbacks about it.

Take note of things such as their favorite colors and themes in relation to their wedding. Knowing what they really love will help you in shooting pictures that they’ll keep for a lifetime, not just pictures that look pretty and that’s it.

Preparing beforehand

Different venue may ask for different equipment. Some photographers prefer to stick to the same gears from one job to another but perhaps, customizing the way you shoot to each may prove to create more valuable pictures.

You should also prepare by visiting the venue once before the wedding. It’s wise to not risk it by going it for the first time on the wedding day. This is a tip that still religiously do as a wedding photographer Belfast. You cannot risk making mistakes on that day because you’ve got only one chance to do it.

Getting trust from your clients

Having your clients to trust is also important. They are people that will be standing in front of your camera the most. It’s best that they get comfortable and believe in their photographers to eliminate any worries from their face. To do this, you need to show some good previous results and say some good and comforting words to them.

What they want is a photographer that knows what they do and how to do things in the best possible way. They know that they are not experienced and complete beginners, so they’ll rely on you. Being a confident figure that answers they concerns like an expert is one thing. You can also come to their rehearsals and observe their decoration to see if there are things that they can still change on last minute.

You don’t know how grateful they will be to know that their wedding photographer Belfast is caring enough to advise them how to place things and position themselves. Being a complete amateur in this makes it easier to trust in you as long as you are willing to help and share information with them.

Plans for Engaged Couple: Be Committed

Barnsley wedding photographerThe happiness from getting engaged comes from the fact that your significant other is determined to make you the only one. It takes a lot of commitment and bravery to do that. But after that phase, it’s time to properly think of the next step: marriage.

Talk about it

It’s important that both side realize the fact that marriage is inevitable. It’s not simply about living together and creating a happy family. Marriage comes with lots of legal changes that will benefit the family and children in the long run, so this should be a serious matter for both to think about.

Deciding when

Begin with deciding a date. It does not have to be an exact date immediately, but at least both of you need to agree on the year and range of month. Come up with a list of factors that made that date the best day. Is it economy condition, the season, or maybe the availability of family members?

Deciding budget

How much budget are you willing to spend for your wedding? Most couples won’t really be able to guess how much they’ll spend, so it’s best that you set a range of budget and see how far you can go should you need to spend more.

In doing this, think about what is the most important thing to both of you. Is it the place? Is it the photographer? Or is it the flower arrangements? This will help you in allocating budget in the proper place according to your liking.

Look for coordinators and vendors

Preparation has to be done years ahead to make sure that you have enough time to compare and choose the best partners in realizing your dream wedding. Professional Barnsley wedding photographer has to be booked at least one year ahead (sometimes, couples book them two years ahead!) to make sure that he/she will be available to shoot for your wedding.

Find references to start looking. You can ask friends who have gotten married in the same town or try Google and calling them. can become your first place to look for an expert Barnsley wedding photographer. One of the most important factor when looking is their experience and Focus Photography has 20 years of it in wedding photography.

Decide on souvenirs or bonbonnieres

Which one would you want to include? Will it be something edible or something cute for display?

Some couples want their guests to leave with a something a little special: homemade bonbonnieres. If this is what you want to do, make sure that you do your research early on, too. Try out the recipes and make sure to keep the recipe that you’ll use. If it’s going to be a big party, find friends to help you pack the bonbons nights before wedding day.

If you plan to order, do try out samples before ordering and deciding. Do a thorough checking before displaying to make sure that none is broken or faulty.

Commit to it

The most important thing is being committed to what you have promised each other. Talk about it, make a promise, act on it, and be committed to go through the end of it.

Ways To Get The Wedding Offers To Work For You

Early booking discount.

wedding photographer LancashireBooking early is advantageous to you as a bride in such a way wherein you get to cross that task out of your task list but from a financial perspective or standpoint, you also get to make sure that you get to cut it down a notch. There are lots of wedding photography offers out there that give clients some sort of discount for booking early. It is something that a professional wedding photographer Lancashire does to encourage clients to fill up their calendars early. Getting business in for a slightly reduced amount is a small price to pay compared to getting no business at all. if you would like to make sure that you are getting the most out of your wedding photography offers in the first place, then booking early is something that you ought to try to do as much as possible especially if you have a particularly challenging wedding budget that you would need to work on at some point or so.

Competition can work for you.

The fact that you will be getting wedding photography offers might make you feel a little overwhelmed at first but you will soon see that this can be to your advantage because of the fact that you have every right in the world to pick out the best one. More than that, the wedding photographers that you are talking to will understand why you made the decision that you made in the first place. You can even sort of hang it over the conversation. Let them know that you are also currently connecting with other wedding photographers in the area. That should make them step up their game so far and bring you the best that they can bring in to the table when it all comes down to it.

Signed, sealed, and delivered.

Should any deal go down and should you get to the point wherein you are already willing to officially book them and set out a down payment, then make sure that there is a contract that will help document all of the provisions that has been talked about so far. Not having a contract before you set down your down payment can be tricky because you don’t really have anything to hold onto in the first place and this could lead to you either not getting everything that was promised to you or not being serviced during the day of the wedding altogether.

Freebies can be really helpful.

This is something that you should always try to talk to your wedding photographer Lancashire about before you end up booking them. It might be an engagement photo shoot thrown in for free or a mini lookbook of your wedding photos and the like. They may be small but remember that small things like this compound or add up pretty quickly and you ought to ensure that you get something done about it when it all comes down to it. Don’t be ashamed to ask for freebies on the side. This is common for as far as looking into wedding photography offers are concerned.

How to Take Amazing City Landscape Photography

Lancashire is a living city. It’s brimming with people and city lights with historical buildings among theme parks and minimalist apartments. Due to this, it takes quite the challenge to take landscape pictures in the middle of the city where there is a high traffic of humans.

It takes a challenge, yes. But it can be and has been overcome by professional Lancashire wedding photographer. And if you are aiming to do so, too, you’ve come to the right place for your first step.

Searching for the right place

Now this is hard. City is always packed with people, cars, buildings; it takes time and effort to look for the perfect place to shoot wedding photography. Several places you can think about:

  • A garden or park located at a hill that overlooks the city
  • A historical building that still operates or well-maintained
  • In the middle of the city
  • Local neighborhood of your clients
  • Street art rich area

Kind of limited in choices is probably what you thought. But if you have the right perception, there is actually many places you can use to take your wedding pictures.

How-to Snap

Crowded places

In places that are 20 hours crowded with 4 hours sleeping time can make it hard to get a nice, daylight picture of your clients. If that’s the case, it’s time to use the ghost effect (rather than using Photoshop to erase unwanted audiences one by one). Longer exposure by increasing the time your shutter is opened will do the trick. Afterwards, the couple needs to pose and stay still for a while. Ghosting effect is commonly used by Lancashire wedding photographer to create a ‘unique’ individual effect. But with wedding photography, ghosting creates a time-stop or ‘nothing matters’ kind of feeling from the couple.

City as background

Often, you can find a hill that is quite in the distance from the city. Do landscape photography by creating a bokeh effect of the city and focusing on your bride and groom doing their things (you know, kissing, hugging, that sort of things)

Street art

Away from vandalism to creative, wild art resulted from the spilling of creativity of the people in the city. Places like this make great out-of-the-box pictures. Because of the nature of street art, they tend to be found in alleys and narrow streets, making it hard to take far shots. But check out the following ideas:

  • Couple facing each other with around 1 meter of distance between them. Make sure that they are not making any specific expression, not even smiling. Use vibration to enhance the colors of the street art as the background.
  • Take this shot from the end of the alley. Have the bride run through while lifting her gown, smiling as if she’s running to meet her knight in shining armor.
  • Take the previous shot from the side now.
  • Make sure you use quick shutter speed to ensure no ghosting effect and sharper images.

Historical buildings

Depending on the type of building, you can use the arches, wall or front door as the location. You can have them stroll through the side of the building, which is usually one of the best picture because a lot of imagination can come up without having to show how the building actually look like (it could a parliamentary building or a library for all we know).

Local Neighborhood

Running along the neighborhood with local neighbors that your clients grew up with in wedding dress with her husband makes a great moment to capture. Somewhere down the road, this photo will surely become a nostalgic picture that brings out the sentiment of the couple. Use vintage, desaturation or B&W effect for better results.

Smart Wedding Hacks Out There For Every Bride

Go easy on the amount of hair products.

wedding photography LancashireGreat hair is mainly based on great hair maintenance more than anything else. If you take the time out of your day to properly take care of your hair and to properly condition it, then it shouldn’t be that much of a problem during the day of the wedding. Should you need a little bit of help though, some hair products will certainly go a long way. As with all things, make sure that you exercise moderation as much as possible. Going overboard with the amount of hair products that you are putting in will actually turn out to weigh your hair down and will result to you looking a little too stiff and overdone. You want to be breezy and effortless looking as a bride and going for just the right amount of hair products can do that for you when it all comes down to it. You want your wedding photography Lancashire coverage to make you look beautiful without being overly contrived. Minimizing your hair product usage can do that for you.

Don’t be your own pro baker.

Even if you have fairly decent baking skills or even if you have been baking on the side for profit, it just isn’t something that is worth risking in the first place. The reason behind this is the fact that cakes tend to take up a lot of time and effort. This is time and effort that you can direct towards other more urgent matters other than the wedding cake.

You want to spend the last 24 hours before the wedding day relaxing and not having to worry about whether the icing is properly prepped or anything like that. Leave that to the pro wedding bakers who have been doing this for years and years. The amount of money that you will be spending on the cake is a small price to pay compared to your state of mind during the day of the wedding. Trust us when we say that it’s no fun to stay up all night the night before the wedding because you made the foolish decision to want to bake your own wedding cake. Some things such as cakes and the wedding photography Lancashire coverage, are better left off to the professionals who can handle them properly.

Carve out enough prep time.

You need it. Even if you consider yourself as a fairly low maintenance bride, you have to admit the fact that it does take up time to get ready and to look absolutely fabulous during your walk down the aisle. An hour or under an hour just won’t do and this is something that you need to work out with your stylists and makeup artists in advance. Not having to rush through anything during the wedding day will always turn out to be a relish and something that you will surely be able to appreciate a lot when it all comes down to it.

Don’t overschedule your wedding photography Lancashire professionals.

Get Nichola Morton Photography for the most efficient coverage ever. You only need your wedding photographers there for the highlights of the wedding and that is roughly for around 3 hours or so. You will already be running quite a bill if it goes beyond that so try to take that under control.