It’s quite difficult to stand out as a newcomer wedding photographer in Surrey, London.

wedding photographyYou need to have all of the basic things going right for you right off from the get go. This is not something easy for you to deal with at the ends of the day. The main culprit of the problem here will turn out to be money. Turns out, professional photography gear is not something that is easy to come by with. More than that, it is not something cheap and you need to be well aware of this fact all of the time as much as you possibly can. Of course, the first thing that you will need to really prioritize in terms of photography gear is your camera. As a wedding photographer in Surrey, London, you should have top of the line equipment. The competition will be tough. You will not be able to wade through the waters and ride through the waves if you don’t have all of the right gear with you. You need at least two. The backup camera will save the day for you in the event that your primary gear malfunctions. This may seem like a long shot but if there is anything that you could learn from the other wedding photographers who have gone ahead of you, it would be the fact that this is technically something that could happen to anyone.

You also need a tripod with you all the time.

Even if you think that your hands are fairly reliable in terms of stability, you should still bring a tripod along. Keep note of the fact that you will most likely be using an awful lot of long lenses when you are shooting weddings. Longer lenses are a bit tricky to deal with in such a way wherein they tend to slow down the shutter speed of the camera by default. This results to some involuntary camera shakes that you will be having a hard time in steadying one way or the other especially if you are only holding the camera by hand. A tripod can help keep things fixed and steady for you all of the time. This is one accessory essential that you need on you and with you all of the time as a wedding photographer in Surrey, London. Invest in something high quality and sturdy. There’s no point in going for something cheap but will give out on you after 4-5 uses. You will end up wasting money this way and this is not the way for you to go when it all comes down to it.

Invest in a wide assortment of lenses as well as proper lens care as well.

Lenses will allow you to play around with the variety of your shots and this will really help make things so much easier to handle at the end of the day. Opt for something that has a wide angle and something that will allow you to shoot from a huge distance as well. Portrait photography will technically be the main photography style of choice in wedding photography so you need to have all of your basic gear down pat and ready to do the entire time that you are working things out. Want to see great examples of wedding photos, go visit the website of this wedding photographer from surrey.