wedding videographer HampshireEach videographer has their own style in recording a wedding. There used to be only one style to record, but with the advancement of time and technology, it becomes possible to record in a cinematic style or short animation.

When looking for a wedding videographer Hampshire, is it true that there’s one style that rules above all?

What are the different styles?

As briefly mentioned, the more modern approach these days is the cinematic style where the video is edited to look like a movie. This usually has the videographer ‘direct’ the scenes lightly throughout the day to compile them and create a movie out of it. A 50-minute movie may require footage from a 12-hour long party.

There’s a shorter version of this also exists and is usually around 20 minutes long. It could be longer or shorter depending on how long the videographer is hired for and the footage. It’s usually a sort of trailer for the longer version of the video or a traditional wedding video.

Next to that is the documentary approach, which is more realistic, but has a similar feel to the cinematic style. Documentary approach usually has the videographer interview the guests and people that are involved in the wedding. These small scenes and their voiceover will be spread over the movie to give it a more movie feel.

After that is the traditional method of recording a wedding. This method requires very minimal editing and there’s only slight transition from one scene to another. It has everything and can be 4 hours long, again, depending on how long the videographer is there.

A wedding videographer Hampshire from has a documentary/cinematic approach. You can look at some of the portfolios to understand more about it.

And there are more. A lot more styles which cannot be categorized into here. Some videographers come up with their own style of recording and editing. It can be recorded with a fly-on-the-wall approach or something that is directed with the videographer directly involved in it.

So, what is better?

You might be tired to listen that none is always better. However, we’d like to tell you that there’s always something better for your type of wedding. If the both of you are movie lovers, you might enjoy cinematic style wedding video better. There’s also another style where the videographer takes a movie that was directed from long before the wedding until after it.

For others who like a simpler video, short animation and cinematic style will suit you better. Others that love it when they can see the whole procession of the day, the traditional approach will do you well. If you’d like to see all the important people in it with more screen time, documentary approach is a great way to go for.

However, know that the more editing involved, the more expensive it is. Cinematic and documentary approaches are generally the most expensive ones. The terms are also often used interchangeably. Remember this guide whenever you are hiring a wedding videographer Hampshire. There’s no one best choice, but there’s always better one among all depending on your preferences and wedding style.