Lancashire is a living city. It’s brimming with people and city lights with historical buildings among theme parks and minimalist apartments. Due to this, it takes quite the challenge to take landscape pictures in the middle of the city where there is a high traffic of humans.

It takes a challenge, yes. But it can be and has been overcome by professional Lancashire wedding photographer. And if you are aiming to do so, too, you’ve come to the right place for your first step.

Searching for the right place

Now this is hard. City is always packed with people, cars, buildings; it takes time and effort to look for the perfect place to shoot wedding photography. Several places you can think about:

  • A garden or park located at a hill that overlooks the city
  • A historical building that still operates or well-maintained
  • In the middle of the city
  • Local neighborhood of your clients
  • Street art rich area

Kind of limited in choices is probably what you thought. But if you have the right perception, there is actually many places you can use to take your wedding pictures.

How-to Snap

Crowded places

In places that are 20 hours crowded with 4 hours sleeping time can make it hard to get a nice, daylight picture of your clients. If that’s the case, it’s time to use the ghost effect (rather than using Photoshop to erase unwanted audiences one by one). Longer exposure by increasing the time your shutter is opened will do the trick. Afterwards, the couple needs to pose and stay still for a while. Ghosting effect is commonly used by Lancashire wedding photographer to create a ‘unique’ individual effect. But with wedding photography, ghosting creates a time-stop or ‘nothing matters’ kind of feeling from the couple.

City as background

Often, you can find a hill that is quite in the distance from the city. Do landscape photography by creating a bokeh effect of the city and focusing on your bride and groom doing their things (you know, kissing, hugging, that sort of things)

Street art

Away from vandalism to creative, wild art resulted from the spilling of creativity of the people in the city. Places like this make great out-of-the-box pictures. Because of the nature of street art, they tend to be found in alleys and narrow streets, making it hard to take far shots. But check out the following ideas:

  • Couple facing each other with around 1 meter of distance between them. Make sure that they are not making any specific expression, not even smiling. Use vibration to enhance the colors of the street art as the background.
  • Take this shot from the end of the alley. Have the bride run through while lifting her gown, smiling as if she’s running to meet her knight in shining armor.
  • Take the previous shot from the side now.
  • Make sure you use quick shutter speed to ensure no ghosting effect and sharper images.

Historical buildings

Depending on the type of building, you can use the arches, wall or front door as the location. You can have them stroll through the side of the building, which is usually one of the best picture because a lot of imagination can come up without having to show how the building actually look like (it could a parliamentary building or a library for all we know).

Local Neighborhood

Running along the neighborhood with local neighbors that your clients grew up with in wedding dress with her husband makes a great moment to capture. Somewhere down the road, this photo will surely become a nostalgic picture that brings out the sentiment of the couple. Use vintage, desaturation or B&W effect for better results.